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Addictions are brutal, destructive, and unforgiving. You may feel like you can stop, but once you take that last hit, that last drink, you see the world fading away in a tunnel view, everything stops until you get your next fix. Everyone needs professional assistance to overcome this chronic brain disease. You can’t beat it alone, and that’s okay. Accepting that you have a condition you cannot control and eliminating your denial are a part of the treatment process. It is the first necessary step to achieving sustaining sobriety and lifelong happiness. You need treatment from Serenity Hills and our drug rehab center in Portland, Oregon.

Professional Detox

After eradicating all traces of denial, it will be time to eradicate all traces of harmful chemicals that keep you physically dependent. While you go through detox, you’ll need to be supervised by addiction professionals who can ensure that the process is as safe and painless as possible. With the proper supervision and guidance, you can overcome withdrawal symptoms and work towards long-term treatment and sustained sobriety.

Individual Therapy and Dual Diagnosis

Next, you will begin personal therapy and design a customized addiction treatment plan that will meet the needs of your unique situation and personality. No two people are the same, neither are their addictions, and no treatment should be the same either. Customized treatment programs include screening for dual diagnosis mental health conditions, which nearly half of all people with addictions struggle with. Once the root causes have been identified and addressed, you will be able work towards healing with individual and group therapy sessions.

Group Therapy Meetings

During group sessions you will get to share your struggles with those who understand what you are going through, hear their similar tales of adversity, and give each other sound and insightful advice that will help you long after you have left our addiction recovery center in Portland. The community that is bonded will motivate you, inspire you, and support you. The bonds you create may last a lifetime.

Aftercare Services

Then, when you go to leave, you will need your personalized and comprehensive addiction treatment plan that has been altered and adjusted accordingly. You will have all the support and guidance you need to overcome triggers and cravings and stay sober indefinitely. There is no need that you have to do any of this on your own. With Serenity Hills and our addiction treatment program in Portland, Oregon, you can find the resources necessary to beat addiction, stay sober, and discover happiness where you have always been looking for it. Call us today to set up an appointment for the free consultation that will change your life forever. You won’t regret it.

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