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No one is guaranteed to be safe from the hazards of substance abuse, no matter what demographic or income bracket they occupy. As the addiction epidemic continues to gather steam across the United States, more people than ever find themselves struggling with dependency on substances. Often, these addictions begin with legitimate prescriptions, but as time goes on, the individual finds themselves succumbing to the power of substance abuse. Fortunately, there are solutions to those who find themselves struggling with addiction, and at Serenity Hills in Laguna Hills, California, we’re ready and willing to begin providing you with the treatment necessary to defeat dependency.

You’ll begin with a comprehensive intake interview conducted by one of our on-site addiction specialists. This interview will involve a lot of probing questions which cover a wide swath of information, from your personal history and your history of substance abuse, to questions about your health and any addiction issues that members of your family may have dealt with in the past. It might seem as though some of this information is irrelevant to your treatment, but the fact of the matter is, our experts will examine the full spectrum of your experience and combine that information with the knowledge of addiction they’ve accumulated through their extensive experience in order to create a personalized addiction recovery plan that works for you.

Other addiction recovery facilities may use a standardized addiction treatment program for their clients, believing that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. However, this is frequently untrue. For starters, studies have conclusively demonstrated that certain variables require different standards of treatment -- in other words, a person’s needs during treatment can vary based on their background and experience. Furthermore, every person is an individual, so even if they share certain demographic information with other clients, their needs may nevertheless be singular. To that end, Serenity Hills is committed to providing each individual client with the customized care they need. We want each and every one of our clients to receive the care they deserve, and personalized addiction recovery treatment is the way to accomplish that.

For roughly half of our clients, addiction isn’t the only issue they face. On top of their issues with substance abuse, they also must deal with a co-occurring mental health disorder. A co-occurring disorder describes a situation in which a person is dealing with both the dependence on substances and a mental health disorder. By providing treatment for both issues simultaneously, we can provide the best possible chance that a client is able to attain and maintain their recovery goals.

We recognize that the temptations of addiction do not evaporate when a client leaves our facility. For that reason, we provide a comprehensive aftercare treatment schedule plan for every client who graduates from our addiction recovery facility. The details may change based on the needs of the individual client, but these aftercare plans frequently include ongoing participation in therapy and a commitment to attending 12-step programs. At our addiction recovery clinic, we want to ensure that recovery lasts, no matter what temptations our clients might face on the outside. For this reason, aftercare is an essential part of the treatment at Serenity Hills.

When you’re ready to face your addiction and come out ahead, our drug abuse treatment facility has the tools you need to succeed. Don’t continue to submit to addiction when our substance abuse treatment center has the answer. Instead, rise above and release yourself from the shackles that bind you. By contacting Serenity Hills in Laguna Hills, California, you’ll be taking the first step towards your recovery goal. Don’t wait any longer, contact us now.

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